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Natural Rec709 + Creative LUTs Butteryfilms – 5 hiệu ứng màu đẹp

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Natural Rec709 + Creative LUTs – 5 hiệu ứng Luts, đang được bán thương mại với giá $59.

This package includes our Natural REC709 LUT and four creative LUTs to stylize your BMPCC4K/6K footage (Soft Gold, Soft Cold, Crunchy Gold, Crunchy Cold). Our creative LUTs are inspired by some of the top high end commercials and they include two soft and two contrasty looks, one warmer and one colder. These LUTs are not recommended for monitoring since they are made to stylize your footage, but we still used our incredibly accurate Natural Rec709 as a starting point, so even if they are a little bit pushy, they still retain a lot of information in the highlights, shadows and skin tones.

NOTE: Blackmagic adds a +10 TINT when you set your WB on daylight. We recommend to set it to ZERO and adjust it in post. Keep in mind this is a starting point and your TINT should be adjusted depending on the environment you are filming in. All our LUTs work on both ProRes and RAW files.

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Pack bao gồm:

  • .CUBE LUT files
  • .3DL LUT files
  • Tương thích: Final Cut, Photoshop, Premiere Pro, After Effects, DaVinci Resolve etc.



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