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Mar 12, 2017
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Add Romance to your Photo with Dreamy Mood and Ambiance

Romantic Photo creates a romantic mood or setting automatically from any picture. Using exquisite lighting and design, your photos will look like they were taken using the highest professional techniques and camera filters.

Featuring 30+ combinations of award-winning photography styles, Romantic Photo captures feeling, creates a mood, or holds a moment in time with a few simple steps, at the same time allowing creative freedom to produce custom pictures that are truly beautiful! Now everyone can have a romance with photography.


• Captured Moments – Levels out shadows and light then creates mood with tone.

• Day Dream – Enhances softness in light areas and deepens shadows in dark one for a day lit and dreamy feel.

• Dreamy Photo – Renders a dream-like quality to the image.

• Golden Memories – Combines softness with dreamy tone for a timeless quality.

• Heavenly Photo – Renders a dark dreamy black and white effect to the image.

• Heavenly Detail – Renders a soft black and white effect to the image.

• Romantic Red – Uses a selective colorization process to spotlight a chosen color.

• Romantic Scene – Renders a dark romantic feel to the image.

• Soft Touch – Combines softness with a touch of light for a soft feel.

• Warm Glow – Adds a light glow then combines it with warm tones for atmosphere.



Soft Focus: Put focus where your want it. This tool puts an adjustable ellipse on the image that can be moved, rotated and re-sized. We’ve also added ‘Soft Focus’ slider to control softness strength.

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Romantic Colors: This powerful color filter uses a selective color process to automatically spotlight a chosen color for a striking colorized image. To choose a color, move the slider along the color picker and release. Once the color is brought forward we suggest use ‘Tone’ in place of black and white for added interest and depth.

Effect Brushes: Use these handy brushes to reduce effect strength by brushing off areas on the image. Easily restore the effect by brushing back on the effect or reset the brushes to start over.

Photo Border: Add a clean elegant border along with a soft shadow for dimension. Controls adjust border width, border color, shadow strength, shadow color and shadow angle.


10 Professional Photography Filters

Adjustable Vignette

Soft Focus

Photo Border with Shadow


All JixiPix Apps come with: Superior Customer Service, Support for High-Resolution Images & Output, Undo/Redo, Randomize Button, Quick Presets, the ability to create Custom Presets and Quick Preview. Our mobile version can Email, Print, and post directly to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Tumblr.


Chú ý:

– Để cài được ứng dụng trên Maclife bạn cần phải tắt Gatekeeper theo hướng dẫn ở đây.

– Nếu đang chạy macOS Catalina bạn cần làm thêm bước tắt SIP theo hướng dẫn ở đây

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Từ một người yêu thích các sản phẩm của Apple. Tôi dành tình cảm đặc biệt cho Macbook bởi tính đơn giản, ổn định phù hợp với công việc của mình. Website ra đời để chia sẻ tất cả những gì mình có.

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