Singlemizer – Tìm và bỏ File trùng lặp trong Mac

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Singlemizer is a simple app for finding & managing duplicate files on your Mac. Singlemizer brings order out of chaos and frees up disk space. Files are compared on the basis of their contents only, not by names or dates or other possibly misleading attributes. This guarantees 100%-correct matching.

★ One Copy Is More Than Enough
How many times have you imported images from your camera and forgotten to clean a memory card discovering non-topical photos to be imported once more? These duplicates not only spoil a nice hierarchical structure of your folders but also take a lot of space.
singlemizer ★ Constant Madness During Synchronization
All of us are afraid of losing our valuable files. Therefore we make many backup copies using external disks & network volumes. When files from different backups got mixed on your Mac it’s practically impossible to rebuild their logical structure. You see several copies of data in one place then again in another… Do they multiply? Where should I begin a cleanup?


★ Scan Anywhere
Singlemizer scans files wherever they are: on internal or external disks, flash drives or networked shares — you name it.

★ Search in Smart Folders
Singlemizer can scan Smart Folders just like any other folder. You can specify complex scans, such as all types of JPEGs with particular word in their names, created on a specified date and having a given label color.

★ Search Locations Priorities
Each location you choose to scan is assigned a priority. Duplicates found in each location are assigned the same priority as the location; when the scan is completed, the file with the highest value is designated as master file, i.e. it’s the original and all the others are copies. Simply put, priorities help to distinguish unwanted duplicates from valuable originals.

★ Progressive Results
Unlike other duplicate-finding applications, you don’t need to wait for a scan to finish before being able to manage duplicates. Singlemizer’s report shows all duplicates of a particular file at the same time, allowing you to decide what to do with them, even while Singlemizer continues to search for more duplicates in the background. This can be a great time-saver if you are scanning folders of thousands of large files.

★ Quick & Accurate
Singlemizer uses the industry-standard SHA-1 algorithm to compare files by their computed hash values. This guarantees that duplicate files are indeed duplicates.

★ Instant Quick Look Preview
No need to launch an editor to look at duplicated files from the results. All files in the report can be viewed using Quick Look, a great convenience and time-saver.

★ Safe Duplicates Management
You can manage duplicates automatically, or for maximum control you can do it manually on a file by file basis. In both cases your original files are left untouched, and in fact with Singlemizer you cannot delete the master files anyway.

★ Not Just a Primitive Removal
Sometimes we have duplicate files for reason. Imagine a situation when one particular file has to be present in couple of places simultaneously like some document or image copied in ~/Documents for keeping and in ~/Sites/MySite for sharing with friends. With Singlemizer you can save disk space occupied by such duplicates via replacing them with links to originals. All variants at your service: aliases, symbolic links & even geeky hard links!

★ Special iPhoto Handling
Singlemizer is capable of finding duplicate photos in the iPhoto Libraries. Just select some events you want to compare, start a scan and in a couple of moments Singlemizer will present a list of excess copies with thumbnails & other meta information.


Version 4.1.0:

Redesigned scan locations table view

Improved drag-n-drop behavior in scan locations table view

File paths now display in a localized, human-friendly way

Change in terminology: master files are now called originals

Files, designated as originals now display in boldface

Added “Enter Full Screen” menu item

Added support of the Notification Center

Minor corrections in Russian localization

Other internal improvements


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Dù thế nào đi nữa, việc sử dụng các phần mềm Cr4ck cũng là việc làm không đúng. Nếu thấy phần mềm hữu ích, hãy mua bản quyền để ủng hộ tác giả. Nếu bạn muốn tặng mình 1 ly Cafe, nhấn vào Menu DONATE phía trên

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