Toon Boom Animate Pro – Làm phim hoạt hình chuyên nghiệp

Mar 12, 2017
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The Best Animation Toolset, Period

Toon Boom Animate offers powerful vector-based drawing tools, superior timeline with symbols support, a robust library and interactive camera tools, offering significant timesaving benefits from star

t to finish. In addition, Animate includes morphing, inverse kinematics and compositing capabilities conveniently set within one application.

What’s New In Animate 2

Content Creation Tools

Fast distribution of character parts to layers

Easy adjustment of velocity on multiple character parts

Efficient creation of richer-looking ambiance

Greater control during inverse kinematics manipulation

Practical colour sample display

Convenient text capability

Input/Output Capabilities

Full-fledged SWF export with effects

Fast SWF preview

New sound display in Xsheet

Direct import of scanned drawings (TWAIN)

Faster performance due to these major improvements:

Improved HD image compositing (Disk Caching)

Increased rendering speed (Multi-Threading)

Optimized OpenGL support with better video card performance, refined anti-aliasing capability and real-time preview of effects (transparency, colour scale and colour override)

Enhanced Effect preview with sound

Over 100 performance improvements


Key Features

All-In-One: Content Creation

Superior drawing tools with multiple brush options

Comfortable drawing position with the rotary light table, rotating canvas and onion skin

Convenient text capability

Added TWAIN support for scanning

Excellent import capabilities


All-In-One: Animation

Advanced animation tools with tweening, forward kinematics, cell swapping and transform tool

Live sync of Xsheet and Timeline

Smart combination of pegs and symbols


All-In-One: Effects

Effects everywhere

Easy access to the top 15 FX

Richer looking FX with blending modes

Full-fledged SWF Export with new vector effects


All-In-One: Publish

Flexible export options as image sequence, Flash (SWF), Flash Video (FLV) and movie (QuickTime)

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Colour Tune

Fast colouring using palettes

Fine-tune colour ambiance using cloning

Well-established paint tools

Smart colour effects with invisible lines

Advanced textures and gradients paintings

toon boom animate screenshot lg

Smart Puppet

Smooth character motion using forward and inverse kinematics

Sophisticated morphing

Flexible rigging and hierarchy options

Reusable library structure

Automated lip-sync


True Space

Integrated real-time camera

Impressive depth movement on Z-axis

Powerful motion path settings

Efficient ease and velocity settings

Toon Boom Animate Pro2 7.9.1 Build 6016

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