Watermark Sense – Đóng dấu cho ảnh hàng loạt

Mar 3, 2018
Graphics & Design
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Add watermarks to your photos or images is very useful if we want to protect them , and especially if we want that are not used by the hands of others. But the truth is that, add these watermarks, or you have good hand with a photo processor type Photoshop and work manually; Or, you can use apps designed for it solely as with Watermark Sense.

Watermark Sense makes it easy to work with a few clicks and from there you can choose what type of watermark want to put in your photos. In addition, you can also promote your brand or just add useful information to your images if you wish.

It supports both text and images, allowing full control of numerous resources to show watermarks, which can even be generated from the EXIF metadata.

In short, a useful app if you regularly use watermarks on your images and want to “mark” all at once and be able to choose between different types of personal configurations.



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