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Mar 12, 2017
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Wondershare PDF to Word is a PDF to Word converter specially designed for Mac OS X users. It converts PDF to Word and preserves all the text, images, layouts, hyperlinks, tables and graphics with high accuracy. After conversion, you can easily edit PDF files or reuse the contents in other applications.

Convert PDF to Word on Mac
•Extract all the text, layouts, images, hyperlinks, tables, columns and graphics of the original PDF files to editable Word documents
•Support exporting Microsoft Word 2008/2011 (.docx), Rich Text Format (.rtf)

Convert Encrypted PDF Files
•If the PDF file is protected with Owner Password (password is set by the owner to protect the PDF file from copying and editing), PDF to Word can convert the PDF file directly without asking for the password
•If the PDF file is protected with User Password (password is set by the owner to protect the PDF file from opening, and it’s also called Open Password), PDF to Word requires users to enter the right password for conversion.

Batch and Partial Conversion Modes
•Batch conversion mode allows you to import up to 50 PDF files to the panel for conversion at one time. This conversion mode would highly improve the efficiency when you need to convert multiple PDF files to Doc files.
•Partial conversion mode allows you to flexibly convert selected pages from the large PDF file, by customizing the specific pages or page ranges. This conversion mode would be time-saving when you just want to extract some special pages from a large PDF file

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Easy to Use
•The interface of PDF to Word for Mac is extremely simple. You can easily convert PDF to Word as easy as 1-2-3
•PDF to Word supports drag-and-drop operation. You can easily add or remove PDF files in and out of the panel, or change the conversion order for the imported PDF files by dragging and dropping

Wondershare PDF Converter Pro 3.0


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